Resources for Remote Workers

Remote work is on the rise. For many professionals, working from home now has become an incentive offered by their respective companies. However, it is not always easy to work productively in the comfort of one’s own home. To help you navigate this shift, Octagon Professionals put together some resources that can help you stay productive and focused while working from home.

Schedule Your Day With Our Weekly Planner Template

According to Nicholas Bloom, Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, his two-year study showed an astounding productivity boost among work-from-home employees. However, productivity is not the bystander product of remote working. It takes some planning to be productive on your remote workday. Despite the flexibility you may have, a schedule on a daily basis is necessary to avoid feeling overwhelmed, or on-call 24/7.

To help you outline your daily tasks while working remotely, we provide you with a scheduling template in the downloadable link below.

>>Download Now: 5 Days – Weekly Work Schedule Template<<

Our schedule is made to help you organize throughout 5 working days a week, with a 24-hour view. We also have some tips on using the schedule to keep you on track:

  • Write down your high-priority, important tasks: As part of your plan, carve out some chunks of uninterrupted time to get a project done thoroughly. Also, schedule your daily duties so you have a clear overview of what you need to be working on in order to avoid losing focus.
  • Include morning routine: Setting up a signal for your brain when switching to work mode will help you start off your day on the right foot. You can jot down those morning rituals you may have, such as making coffee, listening to music, et cetera.
  • Make time for breaks: Taking breaks is important to prevent burnout and stay focused and productive. Write down the time you plan to treat yourself with some snacks or go for a 15 mins walk.
  • Log off: Without the social cues to leave the office at the end of the day, you would be tempted to reach out to your laptop and get things done later in the day. Boundaries needed to be set early on for work-life balance needs.

Octagon Professionals Remote Working Stories

As an aftermath of the global pandemic COVID-19, Octagon Professionals entered the remote working phase during the lockdown. It was definitely not an easy task for us all to get the hang of working from home under unprecedented conditions. After a while, we have been championing remote working and working from home has become the new normal for us. To learn more about how we overcame the challenges during the lockdown, read our blog here.

Engage your (Newly) Remote Employees

As an employer, it is important to motivate, align, and engage your remote employees. Employee engagement is tough enough to achieve – even when the entire team works in the same building. Promoting employee engagement with remote teams may seem like an overwhelming task.

No matter the business or industry, every business has made it to this new way of working. That’s why our team of experts in HR consultancy and employee engagement has developed a plan to support our clients during these times. To know what areas of the work environment you should pay attention to, read our article here.

Octagon Professionals also specially developed flexible and comprehensive consultancy packages to support your team while they work remotely. Expert HR consultants from Octagon are equipped to remotely coach your employees and advise your team to navigate your current situation.

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