Interim or contracting services offer the client a candidate that will be employed by Octagon.

An interim or contracting candidate will work at the client’s company, through Octagon, for a certain period of time. If you already have a candidate in mind, but do not have an entity in The Netherlands in place, we can still support you.

Our success over the past 30 years has been obtained through a high success rate by identifying the clients’ needs and matching them with the right candidate. Our recruiters understand our clients’ needs and will only send the best available options on the market, taking company culture and expertise into account.

Why choose us for interim/contracting services

Flexibility in agreeing interim or contracting contract.

Extensive experienced pool of highly skilled interim/contracting professionals.

Clear view of costs for you as a client.

We take care of all administrative aspects, for example: salary payments, holiday leave, holiday pay, sick leave and pension if applicable.


1. Regarding the type of sector the client is in and the type of position a senior team- lead recruiter is assigned as contact person.
2. Identifying period of time and needed expertise according to the budget.
3. Our recruiters reach out to our candidates that are suitable and qualified.
4. A shortlist is created with only suitable candidates and presented to the client in a detailed manner.
5. We arrange together with the client’s schedule interview dates and times.
6. We make sure that the candidates are prepared in a professional way to present themselves to our client.
7. Feedback stage after the interview has taken place.
8. Cost breakdown.
9. Candidate can start as soon as needed
10. Client pays a monthly, daily or hourly rate, according to whichever the client prefers.

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