Aside from our recruitment services we also offer additional services which allow us to give an edge, option & flexibility to your initiatives and recruitment efforts.

Additional recruitment services

In addition to our executive search, direct placement, contracting services we can also offer tailored recruitment services.

30% Ruling
For appropriate candidates we can arrange the 30% ruling tax benefit. This is a financially beneficial package to attract foreign talent to The Netherlands and can give you just the right leverage to attract the required talent.

IND Fast Track
When the client is in need of professionals outside the EU, Octagon can arrange all the required documentation to bring the required professionals to the EU.

Certification and capabilities testing
Octagon can offer security background checks, Octagon works closely with the AIVD to certify this. We work and have worked with large European institutions that need full security clearance per required professional.

Candidate testing
Our candidates always have to proceed through tests to identify skill, personality and capabilities. If a client needs the candidate to undergo a certain test for a specific skill set or any other requirement, we can arrange that.

Pay roll services
If your company needs professionals to start now but you do not yet have an entity in place, we can offer you the candidate on our pay roll for the necessary amount of time until everything is in place. 

Advisory  HR services

Creating the right organizational structure
At Octagon we can help the client benchmark their organizational structure to create an optimal efficient working environment.

Setting up a team
If the client has a scope but not the required HR team in place to support their structure, Octagon can help in the process of building the right team.

Setting up in The Netherlands
As a “new” company in The Netherlands you will have to find out how the Dutch system works. At Octagon we aim to provide you with all the necessary information and how to get your company set up. In our large network we can arrange various requests within a short time period, since we have 30 years of experience in helping “new” businesses to the Dutch market.


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