Average Salaries In The Netherlands

If you are going to pursue a career in the Netherlands, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the market. Or if you are a graduate in the Netherlands, it is handy to figure out what your earning potential might be following the average salaries in the Netherlands.

When discussing salary range, there are so many factors that can impact how much money you should be earning. Your relevant experience in the industry, your education, your achievements, location, the demand for your skills, the size of the company and industry trends can all play a part. 

In this article, we gathered the average salaries across various industries and roles to provide you with insight into salaries in the Netherlands.

Average salary by age in the Netherlands

Your age is not the only figure that grows over time. The older you are, the more skills and experience you gain. There is a direct correlation between your age and your salary so there is nothing wrong with expecting two aspects to align. This illustration below can provide an indication of how much you should be earning at your age.

Source: Average salary by age statistic 2018 by Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

The legal minimum wage in the Netherlands is different by age and revised every January 1st and July 1st by the Dutch Labour Law. By law, everyone working in the Netherlands between the ages of 15 and stated pension age is entitled to the Dutch minimum wage. You can read more about the minimum wage here.

Average salary by professions in the Netherlands

It is well-known that salary ranges differ wildly across industries according to skills needed. The margins available to the relevant industry business model also makes a significant difference. Octagon has researched some of the job categories to come up with the list below — and give you good information about who makes what.

Average Salary for Legal

Legal Assistant — € 29,345

Attorney/Lawyer (Corporate, inhouse) — € 55,000

Legal Advisor — € 46,924

Associate Attorney — € 60,000

Paralegal — € 40,976

Average Salary for Marketing

Marketing Manager — € 50,236

Social Media Manager — € 36,520

Marketing Coordinator — € 32,871

Online Marketing Specialist — € 34,807

Sales and Marketing Coordinator — € 30,098

Product Manager (e-commerce) — € 60,000

Brand Strategist — € 38,000

Customer Relations Manager (CRM) — € 47,500

Marketing Assistant — € 29,630

Content Writer — € 30,000

Journalist — € 36,062

Communications Specialist — € 32,199

Average Salary for Sales

Account Coordinator — € 33,477

Business Development — € 34,000

Representative Sales Assistant — € 26,226

Travel Consultant — € 25,000

Strategic Account Manager — € 62,400

Key Account Manager — € 51,441

Sales Operations Analyst — € 44,500

Sales Support Specialist — € 32,654

Operations Support Specialist — € 40,000

Junior Account Manager — € 30,917

Average Salary for Human Resource (HR)

Recruiter — € 33,691

HR Generalist — € 43,653

Recruitment Consultant — € 33,332

HR Administrator — € 32,500

Talent Acquisition Manager — € 51,458

Training Coordinator — € 33,868

Global Mobility Specialist — € 36,892

Average Salary for Engineer

Industrial Engineer — € 48,484

Electronics Engineer — € 45,953

Environmental Engineer — € 44,000

Aerospace Engineer — € 43,747

Civil Engineer — €37,623

Controls Project Engineer — €46,739

Operations Engineer —€ 37,385

Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) — € 48,408

Average Salary for Healthcare Practitioners

Dentist — € 60,105

Physiotherapist — € 32,000

Pharmacist — € 39,305

Neurosurgeon — € 300,000

Veterinarian — € 41,964

Average Salary for IT

Product Owner — € 56,122

Data Scientist — € 47,288

Web Designer & Developer — € 32,780

Scrum Master — € 55,000

Linux System Administrator — € 43,677

Data Architect — € 63,249

Application Developer — € 43,982

UX Designer — € 39,787

Java Developer — € 46,466

The source is Payscale, an interesting website where you can find average salaries by professions in the Netherlands and even worldwide.


Beside from the 8% holiday allowance as standard in Dutch employment contract, additional bonuses or remuneration packages can be offered from some employers. Highly-skilled migrants can benefit from 30% ruling tax or relocation and housing assistance.

Some employments will include perks such as company phone, laptop or car but it will depend on the company. Travel reimbursement can also be incorporated in your monthly payment, which is rather common in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, employees are required to pay income tax. Employers often pay this tax on behalf of employees by withholding the amount from monthly salaries. The amount paid to employees after this tax is paid is known as their “net salary.” The above average salary ranges refer to gross pay, so it is recommended to use Income Tax calculator to estimate what your net salary would be. 

How can Octagon help?

If you are an employer, salary benchmarking is vital to ensure your business is attracting and retaining top talent. If you are a jobseeker, compare your salary expectations against the industry average of your role — you may find it’s time to ask for a pay rise, or search for a new job. 

Octagon Professionals is a full-service provider to all talent & human capital-related needs with 30 years of experience. We can help your business to determine more precise salaries to offer to new employees based on hiring and remuneration trends in the Netherlands. We also provide career advice to our candidates including salary expectations on their job search. Get in touch with us for more information!

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